Sheneille "Mouse" Remble

A quiet young woman with dark brown hair in a ponytail and a serious expression on her face.

stat natural mod Qualities
Body 3 3 Adept
Agility 5 6 Double Jointed
Reaction 5 6 SINner
Strength 2 2 Incompetent (Unarmed)
Charisma 2 2 Hung out to Dry
Intuition 3 3
Logic 3 3
Willpower 4 4
Edge 3 3
Magic 5 4
IP 1 2
Active Skill Rank Knowledge Skill Rank
Athletics (Group) 4 Local Sports Teams 1
Electronics (Group) 3 Engineering 4
Stealth (Group) 4 Security Design 2
Automatics (Spec. HK227) 4/6 Architecture (Spec. Corporate) 2 / 4
Blades 3 Business 4
Etiquette (Spec. Corporate) 2/4 Corp (Mitsuhama) 2
- - English Native
- - Japanese 3

Brief Backstory: Originally raised on the mean streets of Redmond, Sheneille Remble spent the first years of her life ducking her mother’s boyfriends and staying out of the way the gangs. A small, quiet child, she was magically tested at 9 during a corp/Lone Star sweep of the area and discovered she had “special abilities.” She was swept out of her mother’s indifferent arms and the only life she knew and into the cold care of Mitsuhama’s most exclusive school. As a poor, withdrawn “scholarship student”, she was quickly given the nickname of “Mouse”, a label which sticks to this day. After graduating school, she was sent for additional training with Mitsuhama’s security forces. She began working with them by the age of 19, and got along acceptably for a while. However, when she got a 40-minute lecture on the importance of safety for showing up at 7:05 for a saftey meeting because she had been getting patched up for broken ribs after a bad assignment, she started to save her pennies. She bought out the remainder of her contract and decided that she’d never desk jockey at a corp again. She is now out and alone in the world, with few at the corp willing to talk to her, and no friends on the outside.

Contact: Joseph Ugachi (Connection 1 Loyalty 1) Joseph is an older man, of mixed Japanese and European decent. He was Mouse’s trainer in stealth at Mitsuhama, and is the only one there still willing to take her calls. However, he keeps to himself and therefore has little influence at the corporation.

Sheneille "Mouse" Remble

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