Vegar "Frail" Dagsen



Bod 4, Agi 3, Rea 3, Str 3, Cha 5, Log 4, Int 4, Wil 5, Edge 2, Magic 4

Skills: Sorcery 4, Influence 4, Conjuring 1, Pistols 3, Unarmed Combat 1, Inflitration 2, Perception 2, First Aid 1, Assensing 1

Knowledge skills:
Chemistry 3, Seattle Organized Crime 2, Seattle public transit system 1
Norwegian N, Japanese 4, Cantonese 4, English 5, Or/Zet 3, German 2,

Qualities: Magician (Norse Tradition), Mentor Spirit (Heimdall(Wise Warrior)), SINner (5 pts, SK), Geas (cannot refuse honest request for help from someone weaker than self), Spirit Bane (Task), Records on File (Aztech)

Equipment: 5 BP

Spells: Stunbolt, Sterilize, Diagnose, Heal, Improved Invisibility, Improved Reflexes

Low LifeStyle: Loveland (Puyallup)
Hidey hole: Orc Underground

Jonathan St. Ives Fixer 2/3
Jonathan is a retired dwarf runner, having retired after his team was all killed in a run against DocWagon. He was the muscle of the team, and decided that it was not a smart idea to run into the tight enclosed corridor. Two HMGs later, his team was dead and he had nothing. After hiding out for a while, he decided to use his connections to the AAAs to get runs for others. He hasn’t looked back since.

Janet Tailsmonger 2/1
Janet has always like magic, but not been the best at school. She studied magic theory throughout her schooling, and got into UW themology program. She found the theoretical discussions boring and of no value, and she left. The discrimination she faced as a Troll also helped her decision to leave. She fled south, to the Puyallup barrens, and can be found in her shop selling false trinkets to those who know nothing about magic, and to those who practice the Art selling goods found in Hell’s Kitchen. She is of the Hedge Witch tradition.

Billy T 1/1
Billy hangs around the Crime Mall, doing odd jobs to get enough to eat. He has done everything from carrying crates, to keeping an eye on things. No one knows his history, and asking him about his past is a sure way to get a fist in the face. He is large and well muscled for an elf, and scars speak to a life spent on the rough side of the law. Frail met Billy when he came to Seattle and got established in Puyallup. Billy T hangs around, and does what he can to help and get nuyen for a meal.


Vegar was born in Germany, to a Norwegian family who worked for SK. He was trained as a mage, and went to work watching corp assets around Eastern Europe. He was snatched by a team of runners working for Aztech, and Aztech tried to work with him. That didn’t work out, and he escaped to Seattle. He escaped to the barrens to avoid detection, and has been trying to survive since then.

Vegar "Frail" Dagsen

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