Peter "Flick" Burrowing Gopher

Ripped Orc Ripping apart the enemy, or having tea


BOD 5, AGI 5, REA 3(5), Str 7, Cha 4, Int 3, Log 3, Wil 2, Edge 3, essence 6, magic 5, Init : 6(8)

adept, ambidextrous, erased 5, bilingual
Mild allergy (smog), lost loved one (parents), incompetent (pistols), Criminal Sin (NAN), enemy (3 connection, 2 incident)

influence group 10, athletics 9/7, thrown weapons (throwing knives) 10(12), perception 6, blades (tomahawk) 7(9), infiltration 8

Military procedure 2, Smuggling routes Seattle 2, accounting 1

English N, Salish N, Spanish 4, Japanese, Mandarian 3, Sign language 2, Samoan, Sperethiel 1

Improved Reflexes II, Quickdraw, Power Throw III, Missile Mastery, Kinesics II, Linguistics

Erica Elite w/ Ichi and basic +, Glasses (flare comp, thermo), Contact 3 (flare comp, image link, thermo), respirator 5, trama patch x2, stim patch 4, sony emperor w/ Xim, concealed holster x30, clothing, lined coat w/ noncon 5 insulation 2, armored vest w noncon 3, throwing knives x60, tomahawk x2 (weapon focus 2), cermanic knife x4, rapier


He was born in Cle Elum, Salish to a family of Cascade Orcs. His family all worked in the mines, and Flick, with his large size looked perfect to follow his family into the mines when he turned 8. When the testers came to test for magic however, Flick’s life was changed as he came back very magic. He was wisked away, unable to even say goodbye to his family.

He did acceptable in military school, performing acceptably in all subjects except in pistols. One day in frustration at not being able to hit the target, he threw the gun at the target. The range master went balistic on him, until an officer came along and pointed out that the gun had penetrated the backstop was was affixed in the barrier. The range master started chewing him out until he noticed that the gun was affixed into the backstop. From then on, Flick went to throwing training instead of firearm practice.

Upon graduation, he was invited to join the Rangers, and accepted this offer. He was placed in a heavy drug interdiction squad. His past and connections as a Cascade orc caught up with him, and he was caught assisting smugglers bring drugs into Seattle. He was arrested, and locked up. One night, the jailers brought him a meal of peas, and next morning the jailer found a whole torn in, with forensics finding traces of vegetable matter on the hole.

Flick disappeared into the Seattle underground, where he is pursued by his old gunnery sergeant sometimes. He manages to survive on his wits, his connections, and when all else fails his knife does the final talking.

Middle: in Auburn (kent) Low: Redmond


Sparrow (elf fixer 3 connection/ 2 loyalty)
Sparrow works on Council Island, and so hears a good deal of info. She was a classmate of Flicks, taking classes in social manipulation with him. She is an elf and is from the Salish tribe. She currently works on Council Island as a tour guide, but this is just cover for her information gathering services. She knows that Flick was chased out, and still feels connection with him.

Grease Griswald (human 3 connection/ 1 loyalty)
When you walk into Grease’s shop, you encounter a fairly mundane shop selling a variety of items, primarily in the self defense arena. However, if you can get can get behind the counter and down the stairs a whole new world opens up. The array of weapons and drugs that Grease has is enough to arm a large sized gang with military grade weapons, and then hop them up on jazz or kamikaze. Flick knew that Grease was involved in smuggling, and once he fled Grease was one of the people who helped Flick get connected in Seattle.

Chinook Hunter (dwarf Tailsmonger 2/2)
Chinook Hunter runs a small magic shop, and spends most of his time trying to preserve the Sound for the Salmon. He can either be found in his shop, engaging in Shamanistic ritual, or protesting at City hall. He works hard for everything he believes in, trying to prevent abuse by the corporations or the UCAS.

Peter "Flick" Burrowing Gopher

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